You should understand that Caretel Inns are different than other retirement communities.  Mainly there are several areas of differences. They are:
1.The Inn Concept
2.Real Choices
3.Rehabilitation Focus
5.        Fine Dining
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Caretel Inns is a Michigan company, operated by people who are dedicated to what we do.  We may have the appearance of a large chain, but not so. We encourage you to visit a Caretel community. Seeing is believing. Meet our staff and guests, you may find a neighbor or someone you know.  Ask questions- it shows you care.
People love their homes. We understand. People love to be independent. We understand. But time and age does change things. Adding just a little care and three chef-prepared meals a day actually increases a feeling of independence.  There is more to life than waiting for a visit from family, loneliness, TV, and microwave dinners.  Caretel is a beautiful place to live, filled with many experiences. In fact, Caretel is for Kids, Caretel is for Ice Cream, Caretel is for love. Enjoy!